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Why Buy from Bolton Homes?

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Why should I buy a manufactured home from Bolton Homes?   

First of all Bolton Homes is the exclusive Titanium Homes Dealer in the entire state of Louisiana.

  *There are five more good reasons why you should buy your home from us.

 1.  Our Ability:

a. Having searched the United States for banks that offer the lowest rates, longest terms, easiest approvals, and becoming that banks #1 retailer in mortgage financing. No one can do more in financing.

b. Being locally owned and operated gives us connections to all the contractors that surround us.

c. Being the #1 retailer for our main factory gives us many options in building your home.

d. Having the owners of Bolton Homes, always in connection with everything, puts decision making at the fastest level.



2.  Our Quality:

You would have to look at our standard features  list to understand the abundance of quality.   Here are just a few differences between a normal manufactured home and a  Bolton Homes'  Titanium Home.

a. 2x4" wall studs, 16" on center versus 2x3" studs, 24" on center. 

b. Plywood floors vs. Nova-deck floors (particle board)

c. 2x8" floor joist 16" on center vs. 2x6" at 24" on center.

d. Thermo-pane windows vs. single pane

e.  Real wood cabinet doors and styles vs. paper covered particle board

f.   12" I-beams vs. 10" I-beams

g. Porcelain sinks vs. plastic sinks

h. Metal faucets vs. plastic faucets

i. Fiberglass tubs vs. plastic tubs

j.  Upgraded central air system in the ceiling vs. a floor system

k. Upgraded zone 3 insulation vs. standard zone 1 insulation

{There are many upgrades available beyond our standard features.}



3.  Our Service:

a.  Our service during the sale, where there is a lot of connection between the bank, the customer and the factory.

b. Our service after the sale, where the home owner has questions and imperfections with their home.



4.  Our Personal-ism:

If you could imagine a place that strives to actually help you; and makes you part of a family instead of a number on a plaque.   A place where the home owners ask Bolton Homes for signs to be placed in their yard.


5.  Our Team:

They create a circle that works together like no other, this circle consists of: 

Bolton Homes' Team. 

The Bolton Homes Team is able and willing to process your home ownership quicker and easier than any other in the business.

Romans 8:31

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