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Electric Bill Warning for
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Link Trade: 

      One of the most cost effective ways to advertise on the Internet is with Link Trading.  In most cases it's free.  Link to someone else's website and in turn they will link to your's.  Referred to as a reciprocal link; both you and the website you trade links with, also benefit by increasing your popularity.  The Search Engines like GOOGLE, MSN, YAHOO and others, see this increase in popularity and in turn increase your website's page ranking.  Moving you closer to the top in your search category.   Excellent benefits at virtually no cost!


     In addition to Link Trading, you can also place an advertisement on our website (if approved) for a small fee.  We would display your advertisement in a prominent location in addition to our Links Page.  Even if you don't have a website, but would still like to advertise on the Bolton Homes website, just contact our administrator at .  They will determine if your advertisement will be compatible with our site.  We do charge a reasonable fee for this service and your cost could be lowered by a reciprocal advertisement with your firm.  We generally restrict advertisements to businesses in Central Louisiana, however you may be approved depending on your service or product line.

      We want companies that would benefit our home buying customers.  Bolton Homes' website is growing in popularity, throughout Louisiana.  We have many visitors to our website daily.  Your advertisement would get increasing visibility.  People shopping for a new home are also looking for things to support it, as any home owner would.  Home improvement, furniture, lawn care, home entertainment and the list goes on.  We are a great value for your advertising dollar. 

Contact today, for more details.

      * If you would like to Trade Links with us, just copy and paste the following information into your links page and email us at  with your request and your link information.   After our review and notification to you, you will find your link on our Links Page.

Our information is:

Title:  Bolton Homes 


Description:  Where DREAMS are Built.  The highest quality, custom built, manufactured homes for less.  Bolton Homes is Louisiana's only, exclusive, Titanium Homes Dealer!

Romans 8:31

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