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These are questions frequently asked of Bolton Homes.

If you don't find the answer to your question, then please feel free to contact us.   We'll be happy to answer all of your concerns.


      Bolton Homes' doesn't have your average manufactured home.  We have Titanium Homes, which go far beyond the manufactured standards.  Some of our standard features are not even optional on other brands.  We have set our own standards because we care about our community and your home.  We don't try to just get by.  Real value is built in!   Quality, solid durability and energy efficiency go in before we make it beautiful.  That's OUR standard!  It's not bragging when it's the truth.


Why buy a manufactured home?
* Manufactured homes are built along the same guidelines as a site built house at about 1/3 the cost.  In comparison to building a site built house in 6 months; a manufactured home takes about 3 weeks.   This is because the factory buys materials in bulk at the best possible prices and stores them in a controlled environment; which ensures uniform quality and safe rapid construction.  The efficiency of factory assembly combined with buying materials in bulk, allows us to keep cost low and pass the significant savings on to our customers.

** The latest test have concluded that a factory built home has a much higher fire safety rating than a site built house.


Why should I buy a manufactured home from Bolton Homes?

* There are five good reasons to buy your home at Bolton Homes.


Will a manufactured home stand up to severe weather?

* Yes!  Today's multi-sectional manufactured homes are as strong as a site built house.  Placed on a good foundation and anchored to the ground with approved attachments.  Manufactured homes have withstood hurricanes all along the gulf coast, with the proper wind zone applications, as well as most site built houses.  Titanium Homes are far superior to most manufactured homes, giving you a very strong and safe house.

 Contact us for which wind zone application is right for your location. 


What is the difference between a manufactured home and a modular home?

* While both are built in the same factory, on the same assembly line, they can be quite different.   Kind of like the difference between a 2 wheel drive pickup truck and a 4 wheel drive of the same truck.  Where a 4 wheel drive is designed for a different purpose than a 2 wheel drive.  Both are still quality vehicles.  The same is true for factory built homes. 

   A manufactured (MFD) home is built to National HUD construction codes.  It can be moved anywhere in the country, provided it stays within (or greater than) the same wind zone and snow load (roof load) zone, that it was designed for.  This information can be found on a data plate located somewhere in the house.

   A modular home differs by only meeting the local construction zoning codes for the specific location it is built for.  However, because it is built in a factory it employs the same advantages of efficient factory construction, saving both time and money.  In many cases a modular home may be superior to a site built house, based on the same square footage.  Usually, per square foot, it is priced between a manufactured home and a site built house.  The cost difference to build a modular home versus an (MFD) home can be as low as $5,000.00.  It's the setup of a modular home that cost so much.  Usually about $30,000.00 extra.

Note:  We do not sell modular homes!

1.  A standard manufactured house has 2x6 floor joist 24" on center with 2x3 wall studs.
2.  A modular home has 2x10 floor joist 16" on center and in some may have 2x3 wall studs.
3.  A Bolton Homes', Titanium Home, has 2x8 floor joist 16" on center and 2x4 wall studs 16" on center.  Our Standard!


Can Bolton Homes build a home for me, from another dealer's floor plan?

* Yes!  As long as the dimensions are 32 feet wide or less and 82 feet long or less.   Contact us for details.  Better yet, bring the plan in and let us see it.  You can also design your own floor plan from scratch.  As long as you stay within the prescribed dimensions.  We would be very happy to work with you. 


Do you have single-wide homes?

* Yes, we have single-wide homes! 


If I don't own land can Bolton Homes help me?

* Yes!  We have contacts in real-estate who would be glad to help you.  Then we can help you with a land/home purchase.  Contact us today and lets get started. 


Does Bolton Homes help first time home buyers or people with less than perfect credit?

* We certainly try very hard.  Being this is such a large purchase, we strive to help you understand the process as we guide you through it.  We want it to be a great experience and help you to get what you really want and not settle for just anything.

      We not only help you design your new home, but also try to assist in finding land, when needed.  Since we have the contractors that do all of the improvements, that's an added bonus for the new consumer.  Because most people don't know who to use in getting all of those things done.

      We also have credit counselors to help consumers get their scores where they need to be.

** We can only promise that we're most willing to work with anyone who wants a new home.   If we can't get you financed, no one can.  We have great resources to help us accomplish your goals.  We're not going to pressure or trick you into something you can't afford or don't want, just to make a sale.   That's not who we are.   So please don't hesitate, the first step is usually the hardest.   Just fill out the Pre-Qual application, Contact us or stop by the Home Center and let’s see where we go from there.


Why doesn't Bolton Homes put prices of the homes on the website?

*  We don’t post the prices on the website because there are too many variables.  The homes on the lot frequently change and the website is not updated as they are sold.   The next model that replaces it may not be the same price or  have the same amenities.  Also these homes on the website are examples of what we sell.  Most of our customers prefer to custom order their home to their desires and needs.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  You are always welcome to contact one of our Home Consultants to discuss the current pricing and availability of the home you desire.  We prefer to deal directly with you to better meet your needs and desires; rather than through the website.

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Why are the dimensions of a home larger than the actual size?

*  Federal DOT regulations dictate that the size of a load transported on federal and state highways give the total length and maximum width of a transported load.  This is an industry standard.  All dealers of manufactured homes use those same dimensions as descriptions of the size of a given home, i.e. 16x70.  You should always consider that there will be a tow hitch (usually 4 feet) in the length.  Depending on the manufacturer and the design of the home will dictate how large the eve is on each side to determine the width.  This will be the standard no matter where you shop for a manufactured home.  Bolton Homes uses those same standards of  home measurement so as not to confuse customers when they are shopping different brands of manufactured homes.  A 16x70 home here will usually be the same size down the street at another dealer.

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