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Locally owned...with community in mind.

Since 2001,  Bolton Homes has served Central Louisiana with quality manufactured homes and service. Our exceptionally honest, friendly and professional staff is ready and happy to meet your new home needs. 

Our Mission Statement:  To help build a stronger community; by helping people acquire the highest quality home at the most affordable price.  Help our customers stay within a budget they can afford.  Provide a stress free, family oriented environment.  Serve our customers with honest, friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, professional assistance before, during and after the sale. 

      *Bolton Homes is locally owned and operated; we don't answer to a cooperate office located somewhere else.  We are the cooperate office!  That means decisions are made quickly and on site.
We truly love helping people make their dreams come true and we want our customers to know they've gotten the best home value available. 
Our Homeowners greet us in public places with warm friendly smiles and thank yous.  We know our reputation is our best salesperson.   We strive to maintain that reputation with quality products and honest, friendly, professional service you can rely on.  To us, you're not a number on a plaque.  At Bolton Homes, you’re family!

*Is this worth the read? Of course, this very statement could be one of the most important things you read before purchasing a home. It could save you a lot of headaches and money. If you read it, I promise you will be glad you did. 

Almost every business does something a certain way because the Owner felt it was necessary or in fact happened to them. Mr. Bolton grew up around Mora, Louisiana and he began doing carpentry work with his father around the age of 12 (let us say that was a little more than 30 years ago) they worked on houses, churches, barns, porches, just about anything. Let’s fast forward about 10 years. Mr. Bolton purchased a manufactured home in 1994 for right around $40,000.00. The home was beautiful, however that beauty would soon come to pass. Over the next several years he was having to replace cabinet doors, re-lay flooring because they were bowing and getting holes, replacing faucets, replacing sinks and worst of all having an electric bill in the summertime of over $500 most of the time not even getting the home under 76 degrees. He spent a ton of money having to re-do all of these things. Let’s fast forward about 5 years. He has opened Bolton Mfd Homes, Inc. everything is looking up, but the factory he was using was bought out by Champion and at that time they would not build the way he wanted. He called many factories and found Keith Bennett (owner) at Kabco Builders Inc. Keith talked with Corky (Mr. Bolton) about everything he was asking for and those two men came up with something specific for Bolton Homes and that was to create a “Titanium Series” of Kabco Builders. If someone could show you and explain to you how you could save $200, $300, $400 a month wouldn’t you want to know what they had to say? This Titanium Series explained by an industry professional can do this. Bolton Homes (Titanium Series of homes) has everything upgraded, 2x4 walls, plywood floors, real wood cabinets, ceiling vents, thickest insulation, porcelain sinks, metal faucets, and so many more upgrades. Why? Why did Mr. Bolton want to build a Titanium Series? This was for his customers, people that would trust him to purchase one of the biggest purchases in their life. He did not want his customers to have the problems he had in his home in their new home. He did not want them not be able to get their home under 75 degrees in the summer (in terrible cases under 80 degrees) and have to install window units… that is not what a customer purchased. He realized that even though he thought he was saving money by buying that cheap home in the 90’s he actually spent more money on repairs and electricity than if he would have gotten the home built well in the beginning. We would hope we can explain to every one of our customers exactly why we do things we do. Thank you for reading, and we look forward to meeting you. 

The Bolton Homes Staff:

    Mr. Peter, Home Consultant

The Bolton Homes Team Circle  

Titanium Homes - Features & Options

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